who are we

We were established in 1984 which makes us sound kind of ancient, and I guess in a way we are, but we prefer to call it 'experienced' - which we definitely are. We know the part that innovative, design-led packaging plays in encouraging sales and brand loyalty. We cater for multi-national companies and start-ups looking to forge ahead and make a mark.

Good quality packaging starts with quality design and, at Reflex Graphics, we are experts at designing Retail Packaging Solutions to ensure that our clients products deliver the very highest shelf impact.

We think outside the box about the box

Packaging design takes more than just a graphic designer, it takes someone who has years of experience in product concept, pack display, and brand design.


From food to toys, household to health & beauty, we are experienced in designing right across the total FMCG range.


There's a world of difference between producing a brochure and designing a great looking packet of biscuits or soup or shampoo, and your product needs to stand out from the crowd. We know that. We think outside the box about the box.

Our clients include

Euro Food Brands, Barilla, Reese's, Hershey's, Poundland, Poundstretcher, Duni Tableware, 99p Stores, Family Bargains, B&M, Benross Marketing, Rapide Products, Huntley & Palmers, Freemans Confectionery, The Salvation Army, Lewis's Home Retail and many others.


If you'd like to add your name to our list of satisfied clients why not get in touch today.